Anglicare Victoria is the states most extensive provider of Out of Home Care and Family Services, and one of Australia’s most innovative agencies in working with vulnerable children, youth and families.

The Anglicare vision is to create opportunities to transform the futures of Victorian children in need. Everything they do is to prevent, protect & empower disadvantaged Victorian children, young people and families.

Anglicare Victoria consists of 1700+ staff and volunteers operate from more than 45 sites across the state and deliver assistance online, at home and in the community to support tens of thousands of Victorians every year.

The DHS customer online services (Centrelink Online) had been built over many years using WCEM (an SAP product) and encompassed the complete online service offering.

As a part of DM, it was identified that the department needed to move to a more modern enterprise web framework and Angular was chosen.

Z Ware was engaged as Angular experts to assist with revolutionising the development practices and Angular implementation and to mentor other developers and teams.


We started by understanding the breadth and scope of works. As this is an extensive project, spanning multiple teams across various locations nationally, we need to ensure that what we create is usable, can be understood and implemented by all.allocated resources and is highly scalable, testable and reusable.

“Z Ware’s engagement was extended to be directly involved in the development of the new Centrelink online system.”

We quickly identified segments of focus, which allowed us to assess, score, report and re-evaluate works required in order to achieve desired targets.
Z Ware’s engagement was extended to be directly involved in the development of the new Centrelink Online system, which includes but is not limited to Z Ware’s engagement was extended to be directly involved in the development of the new Centrelink online system.
The NextGen framework incorporated popular libraries such as NGRX, Nrwl Nx and Jest.

NextGen has also been endorsed as the framework moving forward for Centrelink Online.

Researching, evaluation (via POC) and implementation of third-party open source libraries.

»Training, implementation and oversight of a new source control pattern using Nrwl NX and GIT.

»Implementation of GitLab for gated check-ins, issue tracking and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment automated pipeline.

»Development and delivery of a custom internal training programme to upskill existing staff who are new to Angular.


»A standardised and executable pattern/framework.

»Education and implementation of best practices.

»Team confidence and trust in the development path.

»Quality Assurance and stakeholder confidence.

»Increased throughput of deliverables.

»Due to expertise and well-received internal endorsements in Angular, NodeJs, pattern design and implementation, we were designated as Angular leads across multiple delivery centres.