Welcome to Micro Frontends | Webtech Workshop

Microsoft Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank, VIC, Australia

We are excited to kick off our Webtech Workshops with our first Melbourne event. Join us as we talk all things Micro Frontends, along with some exciting guests. Thanks to our sponsor for this event, Microsoft, for providing the venue and refreshments. We look forward to engaging, networking and just hanging out with our community […]

The Power Of Business Intelligence- Webinar

Jason's workshop will be focused on exploring the potential of Power BI from multiple viewpoints: as a developer, a business analyst, and a business development manager.

Jest and Cypress Testing- Webinar

Join us as Z Ware's Software Developers Brett Sargeant takes us through using Jest and Cypress testing frameworks that are built into StencilJS web components.

He will also discuss some surface level setup instructions to automate the tests in the CI/CD pipeline (automatically run when a change is made to the repository).

Angular 16- Webinar

Join us as Z Ware's Founder and CEO Phillip Zada takes us through Angular 16.

How Technology is Hurting your Family- Webinar

Software Developer Rebekah will host a discussion about some of the various ways technology and the mobile internet is being used against you and your family and strategies to help avoid them.