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The Art and Science of Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Guide

This blog post provides a comprehensive guide to machine learning, covering both technical and creative aspects. We’ll explore data pre-processing, model selection, and the broader context of machine learning.

Platform Engineering- A Typical Technology Project

Platform engineering offers benefits that can improve the speed and quality of development.
However, if the risks are not proactively addressed, there is a risk of increased costs and loss of productivity.

Introduction to Machine Learning: A Beginner’s Guide

AI and Machine Learning expert Ali Shojaeipour covers the basics of machine learning, including what it is, how it works, as well as overview of popular machine learning algorithms.

5 Ways to Supercharge Project Management with Power Automate

Z Ware’s Solution Architect/ Project Manager Nikhil Malani explains the benefits of Power Automate and how it can be used to improve efficiency within your team.

Facial recognition of cattle may doom rustling

This is just the beginning for our AI powered livestock image recognition and management platform. With enhancements and future developments already mapped out, we can’t wait to bring Stoktake to the rural communities around Australia.

How to build a Discord bot with Node.JS

Software developer Erin Tewes teaches you how to build a Discord bot with Node.JS.

Micro Frontend Architecture- Why you need to be doing this right now

Dr Phillip Zada discusses what micro frontends are and how they can help your team increase productivity.

AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Machine learning and AI expert Dr Ali Shojaeipour discusses deep learning and the role it plays in AI. Ali explains how the advancement of technology has integrated AI and deep learning in our everyday lives.

Why it is imperative to keep up with technology advancements

Dr Phillip Zada discusses the importance of the long term when it comes to technology transformation and how he ensures that he is supplying his partners with a system that will enable business growth and change.

Z Ware – Building Trust Beyond Clouds

Z Ware was awarded as the Best Performing Microsoft Solution Provider to Watch by The Enterprise World.
Read about how we reached this achievement and what Z Ware has done to set ourselves apart from the crowd!