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Key focus on Hands-on, practicals, and Project. 


One of our core values at Z Ware is to share knowledge. We discovered early on during our own journey that solid training courses and programs should not only provide content but also take participants on a journey of discovery, excitement, interaction and ah-ha moments.


During this training, we will be building a simple User
Profile Application that will introduce you to many of
the main and most commonly used Angular features.
We will also be utilizing NGRX as our state management library/process and advanced testing practices.


In this module, we deep dive into features from ES6 and looking at how these features are implemented in TypeScript. ES6 major enhancements including
modules, class declarations, iterators and generators,
promises for asynchronous programming.


This module is an introduction and overview of
branching and merging with GIT. We introduce you to the concept of branches in Git and practical use for managing both local development and collaborative workflows.


By taking this course you will become comfortable with the centralized store solution in general, and with the Angular Ngrx implementation of that design in particular. You will know in-depth the complete Ngrx library ecosystem: including Ngrx Store, Effects, and Entity libraries.


You will learn how to add Redux to any web app. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to add Redux to an existing app or a brand new web application with confidence, and be able to exercise good judgment to choose when, how, and if using Redux is the right choice for your team.


You will learn to build your own React application from scratch, with features like pagination, client-side caching, and interactions like searching and sorting. Additionally, you will transition from JavaScript ES5 to JavaScript ES6. I hope this book captures my enthusiasm for React and JavaScript, and that it helps you get started with it.

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