We don’t have clients, we have partners.

As a software development company, we aspire to be experts in all areas of tech. We design, build and create bespoke, custom, one-of-a-kind software solutions, based on our partner’s needs. There is no one-size-fits-all here. Problem solving, creating magic, and providing resourcing and support is our jam.

Our team is made up of individuals who each bring their own unique skill set to the table. This means that we can match our partners with team members who are experts in solving their particular challenges. This also means our team have the opportunity to work on the projects they really enjoy.

So, what exactly do we do?

We provide services across

four channels

Expertise and innovation.

Whether it’s a complete end-to-end solution or just a little patchwork, we can assist your business with our expertise in web platforms, mobile/hybrid apps and cloud systems. Our tailored solutions and consulting encompass: ♦ Modern web technologies ♦ Cloud and on-premises solutions ♦ Digital design ♦ UX/UI ♦ Enterprise architecture ♦ Full stack engineering ♦ Knowledge sharing ♦ Business process optimisation ♦ Mobility solutions ♦ IoT ecosystems.

Solutions, support and resourcing.

Government agencies often require tailored solutions and on-site support, not too dissimilar from the work we do in Z Ware Development, but with stricter protocols and regulated processes. We have spent years building our reputation and trusted partnerships in both the federal and state Government sectors, delivering support across a range of projects, including short-term and long-term resourcing.

Having built a name for ourselves as a reputable, reliable and trusted partner within Government, we work with departments and agencies to modernise their processes to help eliminate redundancy, increase productivity, improve accountability and increase team morale. We have proven experience and expertise to support a wide range of government projects including key lead roles in some of the biggest transformation projects in Australia; WPIT and myGov.

Logistics and backfill support.

Where it may not be viable or possible for a business to expand their inhouse resourcing and commit to growing permanent head count, we can provide a range of both short and long-term support including Australian-based dedicated and shared helpdesk, device lifecycle management (encompassing integration, procurement, provisioning, and disposal), tailored logistics and specialised overflow backfill support.

Z Ware Training

Enterprise and socially led.

We get it, the rollout of a new system or solution within an organisation can be met with reluctance from team members who are not in favour of change. Alternatively, the introduction of a new solution is welcomed with an overwhelming sigh of relief when an outdated, clunky, complicated system is retired. Either way, we ensure adequate training and support is provided with any new solution. Whether we personally deliver training, or provide materials for internal utilisation, we can support your team as they transition to your new solution.

We also know the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the tech industry and enjoy the opportunity to network through community meetups, hackathons and industry conferences.

Is there an area of your business that could benefit from a customised technology
solution, or some additional resourcing?