Software Development

and Consulting

Solutions to help increase efficiency in your business.

We don’t have clients, we have partners.

We are a team of passionate experts in software development with a proven track record of providing our partners with software solutions that are tailored to their needs. Our goal is to deliver solutions that improve efficiency and capabilities for our partners, and their business.

How do we achieve this? Working closely with and listening to our partners to gain an understanding of those requirements, instead of simply delivering an off-the-shelf solution and hoping it fits.

Unlock Your Potential with Z Ware Re:Fresh

Innovative ideas converted into

business solutions.

Let us transform your challenges into robust and viable technology.

We provide services across

four channels

IT services and consulting for corporate and SME partners.
IT services, consulting, feature team resourcing and individual labour hire for Government agencies and organisations.
Logistics, backfill and helpdesk support.
IT training and collaboration for any partner plus community meetups, hackathons and conferences.

Our case studies

Transforming the way Centrelink works across face-to-face, telephone and digital channels.

Migration of the 3G network to the Macquarie Telecom Telstra 4G platform.

Development of a cost-effective mobile app and cloud based eco-system.

Is there an area of your business that could benefit from a customised technology solution, or some additional resourcing?